WulfenBear Media - Podcast With Creatives Grab Coffee - Episode 61


Bear Prandelli (Founder & CEO of WulfenBear Media) sits with the Creatives Grab Coffee crew to talk video production in Arizona, industry, goals and more.


Bear Prandelli of Wulfenbear Media reveals the inspiration behind the company name, drawn from their father's connection to Native American culture. Bear and his brother, Wolf, share a deep bond and mutual love for the arts. Despite their modest beginnings, their drive and adaptability have fueled their success. While Bear thrives in client relations and networking, Wolf excels in technical aspects and organization. Despite occasional disagreements, they've forged a robust working relationship. Their dialogue covers the growth stages of a creative venture, emphasizing pricing, workflow, and cultivating a reliable network. They explore transitioning from freelancing to team-based operations, discussing the Arizona film scene's evolution towards narrative and episodic work. Long-term aspirations include documentary and narrative projects. The discussion also probes retainer models and client relationships, emphasizing the need for alignment and the potential pitfalls of misfit arrangements. Lastly, they advocate for annual budgeting for financial stability and creative freedom.


    • Wolf and Bear Media's name stems from their father's Native American cultural experience.
    • Their close bond and shared love for the arts led them to establish their own company.
    • Despite limited experience, their determination to learn has driven their success.
    • Bear handles client communication, while Wolf manages technical aspects.
    • A creative business evolves from freelancing to hiring employees.
    • Pricing and workflow are vital for delivering quality work.
    • Collaborating with reliable partners enhances a creative business's capabilities.
    • The Arizona film market shifts toward narrative and episodic content due to tax credits.
    • Long-term goals often involve producing documentaries and narratives.
    • Strong client relationships are crucial for sustained success.
    • Client-perceived value influences ongoing collaboration.
    • Retainer models may lead to resentment and unsuitable projects.
    • Annual budgets provide financial security and flexibility.
    • Open communication with clients facilitates understanding and project selection.


  • Introduction: Story Behind the Name (00:00)
  • Working Dynamic: Bear and Wolf (07:55)
  • Transitioning: Business with Employees (26:46)
  • Shift towards Narrative and Episodic Work (36:03)
  • Building Client Relationships (45:41)
  • Benefits of an Annual Budget (54:52)

The Creatives Grab Coffee Podcast is hosted by Lapse Productions, a video production company based out of Toronto, Canada

WulfenBear Media is a full service video production company based out of Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in brand videos, commercials and corporate documentaries. For more information visit www.wulfenbear.com


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