What You Should Know About Producing a Video Commercial


Why Use Video As a Marketing Tool In The First Place?

Maybe you’re a small business that needs to establish a credible presence within the community, maybe you’re the director of a marketing firm that needs to get the news out about a client’s new and exciting product. Whatever the reason, it’s important to determine how to utilize video to get your message across. Hubspot calculates that 81% of businesses now use video as a consistent marketing tool, up from about 63% in 2019. Whatever industry your business is in, it’s crucial not to be the last one to the start.

Video is a stimulating, engaging medium that allows the viewer to gather a large amount of information about your business, your services and your story in a relatively short time frame.

So I’ve Decided To Shoot My Video Commercial.... What Next?

  1. Figure out what the big picture is:
    What is the theme of the video, and what is the audience that’s going to watch it. Determining this will play a big part in how effective your video marketing campaign is.
  2. Write a script, figure out interview questions, and storyboard:
    If your commercial includes interviews then determine what sorts of questions will make the most sense. If you commercial is going to be scripted or requires some pre-production, this is the time to do it.
  3. Determine who your actors will be:
    Finding actors can always be hit or miss. Sometimes it's best to contact a model or talent agency if you're looking for something specific
  4. Schedule, plan, and execute:
    Needing to reschedule or reshoot can get stressful and costly. Planning ahead of time to make sure you capture all your video content in as few shoots as possible will help in keeping the cost within budget, and helps avoid the inconvenience of having to set up multiple shoots.
  5. Make sure you capture good audio:
    Bad audio will ruin your video. This is one of the cardinal rules.
  6. Use a call to action:
    Make sure to tell your audience where they can contact you, or give details about your event or promotion so that whoever watches the video knows where to find out more about your information.
  7. Distribute your commercial on social platforms or other advertising platforms:
    Make sure your video will be seen. Whether it's being used for social media marketing on Instagram or Facebook, or as a pre-roll or in-display ad on YouTube, make sure you spend some money on getting your video out there.

Client Highlight

Back in November of 2019 we were approached by a startup laundry pickup and delivery service called The Mat. The Mat just started operations earlier in the year and was looking to create a short video commercial that broke down the way in which their services operates.

Our strategy was executed in the same way that is described above. First we determined what the goal of the video should be, then we wrote the script and worked with the client to make sure everything looked up to snuff. After we got our talent lined up and shoot dates scheduled, we captured all the video content we needed within 2 shoots. Some shots were done on location while others were done at our video production studio in Tempe, AZ. We made sure to include graphics as a call to action at the end of the video to persuade people to call or visit the website.

To get a look at how the video turned out, feel free to look over the clip below.


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