What on Earth Have We Been up To?


Reflecting and Embracing Change

Hey everyone, Bear here today. I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the week. I figured I’d take a little time to write out some thoughts I’ve been having while all of the current craziness has been going on.

The past several weeks have proven to be a fun roller coaster, both emotionally on an individual level as well as within our industry. At first the whole thing came on with a bit of shock, but as things around the world have unfolded, it’s been interesting to look at the way in which our current economic climate is changing.

Two months ago we, like many other gig-workers, had events lined up into summer, along with other short and long term projects to keep us plenty busy. Today we are in a place where there are no real big events in sight for several months, weddings are pretty much off the table for a while, nearly everyone is cutting down their marketing budget and companies are having to adjust the way that they do business. We’ve noticed the change, and it’s clear that in many ways we will need to make adjustments to deal with whatever our new “normal” ends up being. Adapting to and embracing change has been one of the key theme’s I’ve taken out of the past few weeks.

Making The Best of the Down Time

Staying productive and finding work to do has remained the primary focus, however I have to say I can’t complain about the extra down time. It’s awesome when business is cranking along at full speed; clients are happy, we’re happy, it’s a good place to be. To the same point though, it’s been a nice breath of fresh air to be able to sit back at home, get some work done early in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day connecting with the outside (alone of course). It’s amazing how much of a healer mother nature can be when you just put your phone down, disconnect, and spend some time with the cactus and chaparral.

For starters I’ve been able to bring my dog Nugget multiple times a day. That makes for a hell of a happy pup. Dogs really are cool, man.

Secondly, the opportunity to go camping has been one I’ve taken advantage of. Nothing is better than driving out to isolated campsites in the middle of the forest with no neighbors in sight and getting to bask under the starlight with your dog. It’s also nice to be able to wake up in nature and go run around your campsite naked. Trust me, it’s an incredibly freeing experience and you should try it some time.

The last thing I’ve dumped a lot of focus into has been balancing the whole “work/mental/physical” health thing. I have realized that you have to make a conscious effort to keep your brain and body healthy. I didn’t think I would stick to it, but yoga and meditation have served as a substitute for therapy. I feel better, I sleep better, I eat better and my thinking is clearer. With all the free time, it’s made it hard to come up with excuses to not just do it.

But What About The Work?

While things have been quiet it’s not as thought we haven’t worked at all. We’ve been lucky enough to stay busy with a couple really fun projects over the past few months. While a lot of the shooting has been done in limited capacity with a small crew, things are still moving along and businesses still see the value in using video to connect with their customers.

Since March we’ve been able to work with NARPRO, Hi-Tech Car Care, Valley Metro, Pathfinders Recovery Center, and the Phoenix Artsline Feature Artist Jayarr Steiner. I’ve gone ahead and attached some links below for you to check out the videos. Please feel free to share these videos with anyone you think may benefit from watching!

Trucking Forward

Looking forward we can expect that our work will look much different in the coming months. Who knows if we’re fully prepared for it but we like to think we’re taking the right steps. When I look at the past few months from a macro point of view, I know we’ll be fine. We are adaptable and ready to take on the challenges that will come with providing high quality video production in a new social climate. There will always be something new to worry about one way or another, something new to challenge our idea of the norm.

As Bruce Lee once said…

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water… Now water can flow, or it can crash.”

We’re trying to be like water, going with the flow, not fighting the current.

I’m sure we’ll have more random thoughts and things to share with you all soon. Until then we’re just going to keep trucking forward.


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