What Does a Creative Director Do?


Introducing Katelyn Beal, Creative Director at WulfenBear Media

Back on September 1st we made it official and brought Katelyn on as our full-time Creative Director. Having worked with us on a freelance basis for the past year and a half, we knew it was a good fit for the direction we wanted WulfenBear Media to move.

Katelyn’s prior experience working with a wide range of clients made her the obvious fit for the job. All of us work well as a team and saw the necessity to have someone on board who could help steer our creative vision and keep riding the upward momentum we’ve been lucky enough to have since day one.

We figured the best possible way to explain Katelyn’s new role within the company would be to have her do all the talking, after all you’re probably all sick of hearing from me. The video is informative, to the point, and won’t take up more than 2 minutes of your day ;)


Bear Prandelli


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