There's Always Something to Do


I wasn't planning for my first blog post to center around the effects of a virus but I don't think anyone planned for this and that's just how it goes sometimes...


We're in a difficult time right now, and it looks like it’s going to continue this way for at least another couple months. I don’t want to speak for everyone but I think this pandemic has made me realize just how little control one has in these situations and how we need to be better prepared in the future. In spite of the quarantine, and in my effort to remain an optimist, my goal is to use this time wisely.

Now that the Coronavirus has us on lock-down, it gives us the opportunity to plan, develop strategies moving forward, and work on projects that have been left on the back burner. And I’m not just talking about business but personal life as well.

See, aside from cameras and film, I also love writing, drawing, cars, painting, engineering, reading, you name it. That's why I always want our office space to be a photography studio as well as a creative space for everything else.


When you step into the front office you'll see a shelf littered with old film cameras.

A half built steel bicycle frame from the 80's rests against the adjacent wall.

Walk through the front office into the studio space and you are greeted by a 79' Datsun 210 Coupe patiently waiting for restoration.

An electric guitar, forever plugged in, sits on a stand next to our desks. The back wall serving as a gallery for my old sketches and paintings.

With everything that goes into running a business and being a human-being capable of doing only so many things at once, many of these passions get left to the side as the daily “grind” takes the energy out of me. I’m sure many can relate to the difficulty of finding the motivation to work on those side-projects or ideas when you’ve been working behind a screen all day.

For us, many shoots and events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. As much as this time truly sucks for business, it gives us something else that’s good, the time to take care of ourselves and work on the things that make us happy.

For me, that means the opportunity to catch up on the car, practice guitar, finish that bicycle, and fix that one AE-1 sitting on the shelf.

I'm certain there are others with dreams and weekend projects of their own that can relate and I hope they're able to use this time to catch up on their projects as well.

Til next time, Good Luck and Godspeed.


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