Sell Your Story With Video



We all struggle, and the commonly used phrase “misery loves company” couldn’t be more accurate. It’s often found that people bond more when they’ve experienced trauma together, rather than when they’ve experienced something joyous.

Let’s get straight to it - it’s not about selling your services or your product, it’s about selling yourself. In all aspects of sales you will learn quickly that more than half the battle is selling yourself. The sale becomes more about changing someone’s life, how their life will be with a product or service, as opposed to without. And there is one simple way to do this - your story. The entire reason you created this product or service.

Selling your story creates a relatable environment, an environment consumers will feel safe in, because they also struggle. Think of it a bit like a training series, you are teaching them how to make their own lives easier using you. Do you ever wonder how people online have millions of followers, a massive fan base, an even bigger email list, able to fill up their programs, sell their products, travel and enjoy a lifestyle most people dream of? Well, it’s because they had a great story. A story that millions related to. Simply turn your turmoil into profit and prosperity by turning your company into something much more.

Everyone has a story - and everyone wants change. Your story is the only thing that sets you apart from competitors. It’s your job to make sure the consumer is able to relate to you on a deep level. The best way to get a deep impact started amongst your potential customers is to be extremely open about the vulnerability aspect. You’ve decided to put yourself out there, into the open, awaiting criticism, all for the greater good of possibly being able to help others. Doing this will allow you to become an expert in your field, showing you don’t just have the knowledge and resources, but the experience. Add some humanity back into your business.

Let’s also be clear, you can’t just share your story. The story must be compiled into a high-quality, powerful video to ensure the entire message is received. Video content has taken over the internet and sharing your story visually will in turn raise your ROI.

Here’s a few things to remember before creating your video:

  • How did you get started? What were you going through?
  • How has your life changed since that time?
  • Talk about the benefits showing your own, personal before and after.

With this proven strategy, your videos will create long-term relationships with customers from all over the globe. You are now an expert in your industry and you’ve shown the results. Viewers are going to watch your content and feel safe and secure when making a purchase. They will know that they’ve made the right choice with trusting someone as genuinely relatable as you!


Using the simple problem/solution formula, you will be able to engage viewers easily. Selling that story of struggle and despair is going to resonate within reaches you haven’t seen before. A top-quality marketer, advertiser, and video specialist will know exactly how to script, conceptualize and create exactly what you need to get started. They can help you shine a light on the customer, and that is how you are going to see the drastic change you’ve been searching for.


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