Bridging Old School Filmmaking Techniques with New Technology and Distribution Mediums


Video production is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving. With the rise of new technology and distribution platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Twitch, and Snapchat, video production companies have had to adapt in order to bridge traditional filmmaking techniques with modern methods to create compelling content that resonates with audiences.

Traditional Filmmaking Techniques Still Have Value

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Despite the rise of ever changing technology, equipment, software tools and AI, the tried-and-true process used for most shoots has not changed. For example, while new tech like ChatGPT has enabled content to be written at break-neck speed, it is still crucial to have a human look over the copy in order to make sure it will resonate with the reader. The same concept applies to video production and filmmaking.

While software and cameras have advanced exponentially over the years, cinematographers still need to view video projects with the same methodical approach. This means storyboarding, tech scouting, creating the call sheets and communicating with clients is still done just the same as it ever was; with a human on the other end.

Another aspect of traditional filmmaking that has been revitalized over the past decade has been the resurgence of actual film being used, and mixed with the new digital medium. Even on projects we've worked on this past year we have seen a greater interest in clients choosing to mix 8mm film with clips shot on brand new digital cameras. As the adage goes "everything old is new again"

New Technology Enhances Traditional Filmmaking Techniques

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New technology such as drones, virtual reality, and CGI can enhance traditional filmmaking techniques and provide new creative opportunities. For example, using a drone can provide a unique perspective on a scene and add visual interest to a video. Virtual reality can transport viewers into a different world and create immersive experiences. CGI can create stunning visual effects that would be impossible to achieve with traditional methods. The use of these tools can help video production companies take their content to the next level and create more engaging and immersive experiences for their audiences.

The biggest benefit to a lot of these tools is that the price to use many of these resources has dropped drastically in the past decade. Drones are probably the best example of this. Prior to drones becoming commercially accessible for filmmakers, a cinematographer would have to go through the hassle of renting a helicopter for the day, paying for the time and fuel, and only being able to fly under the right conditions. Now just about any videographer can get their hands on a DJI drone for $1000 or less, and capture aerial shots in 4K.

CGI and motion graphics are another are in which cost has changed dramatically, essentially enabling video production companies to do more with less. Advancements in motion graphics and video editing software has made it so that a video editor needs to have less advanced experience in order to create visually compelling animations.

Distribution Platforms are Changing

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The rise of streaming platforms and social media has changed the way video content is distributed and consumed. Video production companies have had to to these changes and find new ways to create content that resonates with audiences on these platforms. For example, shorter-form videos are more popular on social media platforms than longer-form content, and the format of a video must be tailored to fit the platform it will be distributed on.

While the shift towards mobile-centric advertising is something many video production companies fought against, it has quickly become an expectation from most clients that content be shot with mobile framing in mind. We find that many of the productions we handle now often require us to frame with mobile ads in mind, so that the post-production process is easier and more streamlined. The advantage to shooting this way is that it enables the client to get more deliverables out of the same shoot, so that content can be repurposed dependent on what platform it is being distributed on.

In Conclusion

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To create effective video content that resonates with audiences, video production companies should strive to find a balance between traditional and modern techniques. They should understand the target audience and tailor the approach to the project accordingly, whether that involves embracing new technology or relying on more traditional methods. Collaboration between filmmakers, producers, and other team members can also lead to the most successful projects, with each person bringing their unique expertise to the table.

Video production is a constantly evolving field that requires companies to adapt to new technology and distribution platforms while still retaining traditional filmmaking techniques. By blending old and new methods, video production companies can create compelling and impactful content that resonates with audiences. It is important for companies to stay up to date with new developments in the field and find ways to use them to enhance their work.

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