Our process is tried and tested. No matter the size or scale of your video project it is important to develop each project following our fool-proof approach. At WulfenBear Media we take your vision and turn it into a reality. From ideation to final delivery, we are here to make sure your messaging is effectively relayed.Here’s a little glimpse at what our process looks like from start to finish:

In September of 2017, two broke film school dropouts moved to Phoenix and started a video production company. Their goals were simple; have fun, be creative, and embrace the ability to be storytellers to make kick-ass videos for their clients. Brothers Wolf and Bear Prandelli created WulfenBear Media out of a passion for film and a desire to make sure that work never really felt like "work".

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Wolf and Bear walking down the street

WulfenBear Media has grown since its inception, from a scrappy company consisting of two freelancers running around doing everything to the much more well-oiled machine it is today. From commercials to mini-docs, video campaigns to music videos, fashion to art, we’re here to tell your story and engage your audience with video wizardry.

Wolf Prandelli

Bear Prandelli

Katelyn Beal

Riley Duggan

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“WulfenBear media provide a professional and high quality product that is far superior to any competitor. With exceptional detail to attention from video quality to the audience it is intended for, this company can attract audiences from all walks of life.”
sonja d.
Law Office Of Sonja Duckstein
“This company is the real deal when it comes to Videography in Phoenix. They helped us create Commercials and Product videos for a number of digital services we offer. Wolf and Bear, the owners of Wulfenbear Media, are great at understanding the needs of their clients and helping architect and storyboard the video process. They came out to our office with top of line equipment and are incredibly talented at what they do. If you are looking for a video production company, give these guys a call, you will not be disappointed!”
jason t.
“I've worked with WulfenBear on several occasions across multiple project types and they have always proved to be knowledgeable, reliable, creative, reasonable, and an overall pleasure to work with. These powerhouse brothers and their team are worth every penny of their more than reasonable rates. Anyone considering them, please feel free to contact me directly at any time for a referral. This team is a joy to work with.”
jerry r.
Hammockable / High Road Productions
“I have utilized WulfenBear Media both personally and professionally, and have never been dissatisfied. They are attentive and genuine within consultation, and provide honest feedback for the best outcomes. During my video shoots I was coached in the proper directions without losing my intention of the project. I have witnessed other companies lose sight of what the client envisions, and make it too much of their own overproduced garbage. I highly recommend experiencing their services for yourself.”
andrew w.
New Form Trauma Resolution


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